What are the audio differences you hear with turntable Mats.

I have always used a felt mat on my Linn Basik turntable that has an Akito tonearm and Rena Exacta 2 cartridge. What audio differences can one expect with different mats? Felt, rubber and acrylic. 


With regards to mats. Different is easy, better not as much. Analog playback systems have so much individuality built into them its hard to predict the outcome, or what the listener will prefer. You will change the sound, now whether you like it or not is a different question. 

No_regrets, I do hope you like the Sakura/Boston mat. I auditioned about half a dozen after market mats before I settled on that one. But I do not claim to have a huge and comprehensive experience with the myriad of available choices. Also, I have 5 turntables to feed. Three of them have the graphite mat. On a 4th TT I use an SAEC SS300 metal mat (Victor TT101) and on the 5th I use a solid copper mat. This is the Kenwood L07D which came with a 5 lb stainless steel mat; I had a 5 lb copper mat made to replace the SS. I hate to admit It, but the change to copper made a big difference on the L07D, I think because copper is a superior EMI shield.

Atmasphere’s explanation makes perfect sense, and that’s where I’d begin if I were a beginner. But with his hypothesis as a model there is still wiggle room.

@lewm Its theory, not hypothesis... 😁

@lewm  Yes, I hope I like the Boston Mat too 😀

It seems like you are pretty impressed by the copper mat too.  However, I'm concerned about adding too much weight to my LP12.

I like the fact that the Boston Mat only weighs roughly 1 pound, so I'm hoping that won't mess with my suspension on the LP12.

I'm curious.... what sonic improvements do you typically hear with the Boston Mat vs just using the typical Linn felt mat?

Thank you and best wishes to all,