What are the Best FM tuners?

This is an often asked question. This is my current list of favorites:
A. Good out of the box, judging sound quality only, not in order of preference because each has merits:

1. Very rare Accuphase T-103
2. 1 out of 10 Tandberg TPT 3001As
3. Onkyo T-909
4. Bogen TP-100
5. Akai AT-S7
6. JVC FX-1100B
7. NEC T-710
8. Onix Audio BWD-1
9. Kenwood KT-990D
10.Crown FM-2
11.Marantz ST-17
12.Sim Audio "Moon"

B. Modified tuners, both RF and audio performance, in order of preference:

1. Kenwood KT-727
2. Kenwood KT-3200D
3. NEC T-6E
4. SAE 8000
5. Accuphase T-101
6. Sony ST-S550ES
7. Onkyo T-4500
8. Tandberg TPT-3011A
9. McIntosh MR-74
10.Luxman T-110
11.Onkyo T-909
12.MD-102, early version

Sure, there are others -- and you may have your own opinions -- but these have proven to be excellent choices over the past 20 years.
There are so many good tuners when properly aligned, with many subtle differences. And making a considerable investment in a tuner doesn't always mean that you will get better sound.

If you live in an area where you receive many stations without reception problems, a simple and inexpensive tuner with clean circuit topology is all that's needed.

I have such reception and have found that inexpensive tuners like my NAD 402 and Sansui TU- 217 perform quite well, and sound great.

Some of my other tuners have better DX'ing capablities, but they're really unncessary here.

I have owned many excellent tuners over the past few decades including a 10B and Sequerra FM Studio. However, for less than the price of one of these I have more than ten tuners that are all great performers. And with vintage gear like this, it's nice to have so many pieces of equipment so that you don't over tax them.

Vintage gear's not meant to be a "daily driver" so to speak. It's meant to be used sparingly like a classic automobile.

Some of my tuners:

ReVox B261
McIntosh MR-65B
Tandberg 3011A
Sansui TU-217
NAD 402
Pilot MKIV

Three recent purchases which are on the way:

Kenwood KT-5300
Pioneer TX-7800
Yamaha T-1

And I am still at least $500 away from what it would cost for a nice Marantz 10B these days.

Sold my rack mounted 10B back in the mid 1990's for $1800. Given inflation (thanks to the Federal Reserve Bank) that would equate to about two and half grand these days.

I'm wondering if anyone has listened to the Accupahase T-1000 tuner. It's a pricey puppy!
Here's a link to some info on the FM Tuner Info site:


I've had an Accuphase T-1000 for about 3 months. I've previously used a Luxman T-117, a Luxman T-12, and a Marantz 20B. The Accuphase is in an entirely different league. Believe me when I say it actually sounds better than my Levinson 390s cd player in some cases (probably more a reflection of variation in cd quality than the player). I still don't see how a tuner can have such solid bass, crystal clear highs, stellar imaging, and continue to sound good for hours. Even at $5K, it could actually be considered good value, when you look at what a lot people pay for a lot of other components.