What are the Best FM tuners?

This is an often asked question. This is my current list of favorites:
A. Good out of the box, judging sound quality only, not in order of preference because each has merits:

1. Very rare Accuphase T-103
2. 1 out of 10 Tandberg TPT 3001As
3. Onkyo T-909
4. Bogen TP-100
5. Akai AT-S7
6. JVC FX-1100B
7. NEC T-710
8. Onix Audio BWD-1
9. Kenwood KT-990D
10.Crown FM-2
11.Marantz ST-17
12.Sim Audio "Moon"

B. Modified tuners, both RF and audio performance, in order of preference:

1. Kenwood KT-727
2. Kenwood KT-3200D
3. NEC T-6E
4. SAE 8000
5. Accuphase T-101
6. Sony ST-S550ES
7. Onkyo T-4500
8. Tandberg TPT-3011A
9. McIntosh MR-74
10.Luxman T-110
11.Onkyo T-909
12.MD-102, early version

Sure, there are others -- and you may have your own opinions -- but these have proven to be excellent choices over the past 20 years.
I believe some years ago The Absolute Sound(?) asked the question as to whether the best tuner (Blaupunkt?) was an automobile unit. On the one hand a moving vehicle would probably need better tuning ability, on the other hand the necessary miniaturization might necessitate compromise.
FM tuners in cars have a bloated midrange response which may be causing this perceived difference in sound. They are receptive and sound decent with crappy speakers. Which is why they are reserved for autos.
Best sounding fm tuner I owned, and have regrets selling, is the Pioneer Series 20 F26.
I own a Fisher 800c and love it,next I hope to find a Fisher FM1000 and matching amp. Love the tube stuff!