What are the best GaN Amplifiers available today?

There have been a number of threads discussing the wonder of GaN and some of the individual amplifiers that have caught peoples attention, including those from AGD, Atma-Sphere, Peachtree, LSA, etc. Has anyone done a shootout against two or more GaN amps? If so, which did you prefer, and why? And on what speakers?

Also, of the one you preferred, do you prefer it over every other amplifier you’ve ever heard? If not, what non-GaN amp do you enjoy more?

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OK Ric, I will send you the GAN400. I paid $1200 for it.

I had a modded Voyager 350 GAN before. It was much better than stock and did not have the hardness on top. It did as stock. The deficiency with the 350 GAN was the lack of real grunt on the low end. I listened to that amp with the Thiel CS3.7 in my small office (treated). Maybe that low end issue was due to power supply? The GAN400 seems more powerful than the 350 GAN. (LRS+ and Thiel CS3.7 are not easy to drive)

Ric, when I get the modded GAN400 back from you I am going to listen to Sinead O’Conner’s Troy back-to-back on the GAN400 and the CODA #16. That will be my goosebumps test.

The Fezz Audio Tube amps for the $$$ . I have the Silver Luna El. 34 tubes very nice and reliable and easy to use . Can"t go wrong check them out .

@mc1969 Clearly you don't understand what putting quotes around a word means.  The Technics is a GaN FET amp as opposed to so much in this thread which is not.