What are the best interconnects.

Looking for the best bang for your buck cables. Currently using audio quest King Cobra. Tried AQ Sky and they sounded real good but too pricey.
Thanks for any suggestions.
Allow give you some wisdom: JW Audio. As mentioned above, I can attest to the fact that his Reference IC's, as well as his sc, are simply the best cables I have used. My past list includes the likes of Synergistic, Tara, DH Labs and Q (both really good cables), though Q was superior in the system I had then, but the JW is just by superior to all of these. I agree in different systems, one is going to experience different synergies but a good cable is a good cable. The JW is Cryo treated and cooked, and you don't pay for the fancy marketing hocus pocus that brand name companies use for the cooking treatment. Once I wired my system up with JW (for less than $500) Total mind you, I was done horsing around with cables. Mission accomplished. He has a 30 day so test my words and hold fast to what is true boss. Happy listening!
Funny Bradf's post reminds me that everything is relative to one's point of reference.

Point in case, i have been using generic Canare/Neutrik XLRs for 5 years and upgraded everything to King Cobras, and i have to say WOW, what an improvement, everything just opened up.
Thanks G.....I love it when you can check something of the list and say I'm done messing with that...We have arrived!