What are the best speakers you have ever owned and why?

I just recently recieved my long awaited Shahinian Diapason 2’s from Vasken And they are absolutely spectacular! This got me thinking about my long journey to get here. Bless my wife for putting up with the many many many speakers that have passed through. The lifelong saga began with Magneoan MG 1’s back in college which were replaced by Dahlquist DQ 10’s. Then we traveled down a long road of speakers and systems. Magnepan Tympanis, Misson 770, Randall Rsch DQ10’s, Quad ESL single and stacked, Acoustat II, rogers LS3/5A’s, Linn Isobarik’s (2 pairs) B&W 801 Matrix, Hales Signature, Martin Logan Monolith2, Apogee Scintilla (1 ohm) Apogee Full Range, Theil SC 5A, Egglestonworks Andra, B&W Nautilius 801,Quad 63 and some I’m sure I forgot! Each speaker had its virtues and flaws but oh what a fun and a times frustrating trek! I think I have finally found my speaker to take me to retirement they do everything that I value wonderfully . They are detailed without sounding so, very dynamic, they have great low end reach, power and detail, are open sounding like a planner, their tonality and timbre seem spot on and they sound wonderful on any kind of music. Tell me about your journey!
It was not until we hooked up Magnepan products that we finally realized that NO box or HORN or ELECTROSTATIC or RIBBON or any combination of these reproduced sound as accurately as Magnepan products. 

How did you actually determine this?
I ask because audiophiles, many of whom have wide experience listening to different speakers, often disagree on which speakers are more "accurate" based on their own subjective impressions.And it also depends on "accurate to what?"  An "Absolute Sound" type of accuracy to the sound of live unamplified music? Or accurate in a technical sense (which would involve measuring distortion).

Adam Audio Tensor Beta, fully active iteration.

Apogee Duetta or Ohm F close second/third
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Favorite speaker? Current Vandersteen 2Cs
Best sound I've ever heard? Mark Levinson/Linn LP12/Magnepan
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Tannoy 215 DMT II. Just like those used in Night Bird Studio ’A’ …


There is no buyer's remorse when you buy a pair of these or, if you're rich, a pair of the Prestige-line Tannoy speakers. This brand retains its value better than most. The dual-concentric driver is just a superior design for point-source coherence.