What are the best speakers you have ever owned and why?

I just recently recieved my long awaited Shahinian Diapason 2’s from Vasken And they are absolutely spectacular! This got me thinking about my long journey to get here. Bless my wife for putting up with the many many many speakers that have passed through. The lifelong saga began with Magneoan MG 1’s back in college which were replaced by Dahlquist DQ 10’s. Then we traveled down a long road of speakers and systems. Magnepan Tympanis, Misson 770, Randall Rsch DQ10’s, Quad ESL single and stacked, Acoustat II, rogers LS3/5A’s, Linn Isobarik’s (2 pairs) B&W 801 Matrix, Hales Signature, Martin Logan Monolith2, Apogee Scintilla (1 ohm) Apogee Full Range, Theil SC 5A, Egglestonworks Andra, B&W Nautilius 801,Quad 63 and some I’m sure I forgot! Each speaker had its virtues and flaws but oh what a fun and a times frustrating trek! I think I have finally found my speaker to take me to retirement they do everything that I value wonderfully . They are detailed without sounding so, very dynamic, they have great low end reach, power and detail, are open sounding like a planner, their tonality and timbre seem spot on and they sound wonderful on any kind of music. Tell me about your journey!
Klipsch for 30 years then decided to leave the horns
then b&w 802 d ,loved them but just would not put out the volume I wanted 10 % of the time ,ie listening to The Who loud ,driving with a Mac mc 602.now I have focal 1038 be ,love them as well ,making my final move either to the sopra 2-3 or b& w 800 d-2’s,
upgraded to Mac 601 mono blocks 
Here are the ones I can remember-
Dahlquist DQ10
Double Stacked Advents
Fuselier Model 3, Model 3D, Model 5, Model 3.8, Model 2.6 and Model 2.5
Focal/JM Lab (don’t remember Model, small two way tower)
Spendor SP 2/3e (3 pairs over the years)
Spendor 3/5 and 3/5r
Spendor S3e, S5e and S6e
Spendor SP 7/1
Spendor SP 1/2R2
Spendor SP 2/3R2
Thiel CS 2.4 w/Thiel Sub
Vienna Acoustics Hayden
Vandersteen Model 2Ce Sig
Magnepan MG 12qr
Magnepan MG 1.7
Ref 3A MM deCapo BE
Ascend Sierra Tower
Penaudio Cenya
Totom Model 1 Sig
Totem Staff
Totem Arrow
Monitor Audio Gold 100
Monitor Audio Studio 6
StudioElectric Monitor
ProAc Tablette
ProAc SC1A
B&W Nautilus 805

Currently -
Totem Kin Mini and Mini Sub
Falcon Acoustics RAM Studio 10
Dynaudio Special 40
Rogers LS 3/5A 15 ohm version

I have had JBL L-100s for over 40 years. I have upgraded the crossover and they sound splendid. But as for accuracy my choice would be ATC. They come in all sizes and right down to the smallest bookshelf they will reproduce what is coming through the system, good or bad with no coloration.
1970’s a pair of Martin speakers made in NJ - first revelation of what stereo sounds like.
1980’s Infinity RSM , was sorry the second I bougt them, way too dark sound.
last 15 years:
NHT the entire classsics range 1.5, 2.5, 2.9, 3.3.  , still most amazing value for a particular sound that I could easily live with.
Klipsch Heresy I, recd as gift, awakened me to the richness of horns. If they had better bass I would have kept them, now looking out for Forte’s that I think would settle second room needs.
martin Logan ESL, soothing mostly there music but just not exciting.
Egglestonworks Rosa, did everything right except deep bass
Egglestonworks Andra, maybe it’s my combo of Bryston pre/amp but I find that I am forcing myself to be happy.

i would love to hear Verity Parsifal’s, Gershman Swans, Legacy Aeris.