What are the best speakers you have ever owned and why?

I just recently recieved my long awaited Shahinian Diapason 2’s from Vasken And they are absolutely spectacular! This got me thinking about my long journey to get here. Bless my wife for putting up with the many many many speakers that have passed through. The lifelong saga began with Magneoan MG 1’s back in college which were replaced by Dahlquist DQ 10’s. Then we traveled down a long road of speakers and systems. Magnepan Tympanis, Misson 770, Randall Rsch DQ10’s, Quad ESL single and stacked, Acoustat II, rogers LS3/5A’s, Linn Isobarik’s (2 pairs) B&W 801 Matrix, Hales Signature, Martin Logan Monolith2, Apogee Scintilla (1 ohm) Apogee Full Range, Theil SC 5A, Egglestonworks Andra, B&W Nautilius 801,Quad 63 and some I’m sure I forgot! Each speaker had its virtues and flaws but oh what a fun and a times frustrating trek! I think I have finally found my speaker to take me to retirement they do everything that I value wonderfully . They are detailed without sounding so, very dynamic, they have great low end reach, power and detail, are open sounding like a planner, their tonality and timbre seem spot on and they sound wonderful on any kind of music. Tell me about your journey!
My current speakers , Harbeth M40.2  because they do everything right that I want to hear from a pair of speakers.

Impossible to answer unless you put parameters such as price range, efficiency etc. When it comes to price range in the under $1500.00 range my best were vintage Polk Srs-SDA 3.1TL. Why? They rocked huge and the soundstage was and still is the best I've heard to date. Great for rock music and video concert. I truly loved them. Are there better, of course, but not for under $1500.00. 

Isn't it likely, in most cases, people will thank the current speakers are the best, it's true in my case? Would anyone trade in speakers for something worse? Accepting that in some cases, your choice might be wrong.

 My current speakers are certainly the best, Daedalus Audio DA-RAma. Are they the best ever speakers, of course not. They look stunning, which matters if you have a significant other. The case is beautiful solid hardwood, with dove tail joints. They just sound right, designed to sound like live music, I think they do.

  Having retired, I could not really afford an upgrade anyway, but I am very happy to keep these, till one of us finally falls apart.

         I am glad to hear that Shahinian is still around after the passing of the father.  I have had the Obelisk and the Diapason in the past and still think about getting them again sometime.
Do you know if they will be introducing new products or just continue on with the current line up? Your list of speakers in your past is very impressive. I have a number of them including the Apogee Scintillas, Quad ESL, Acoustats, Tympani etc. What do you power the Diapasons with?  I remember Richard used to talk about the Bedini and then the older Plinius Sa 100. Most of their sales recently seemed to go away from North America (maybe most of the high end shares this.)
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My previous post should have said that I have had in the past a number of the same speakers.