What are the best tubes to use with the BAT VK75SE

Which 6V6 and 6SN7 tubes do you think are the best for the 75SE amp? What is your experience?
When you get around to retubing the 6V6 & 6SN7's I would highly recommend Upscale Audio. I just retubed my VK-60 and got the 6SN7's from Upscale and they are just fantastic!
Run don't walk to your telephone and call Andy Bowman of Vintage Tubes Services @ 616-454-3467 (vintagetubeservices.com) This is the man to whom you want to speak! I've dealt with another "supposed Guru" whose inventory, knowledge and expertise of tubes paled when compared with Andy's! Many people don't realize how common re-branding of tubes was in the 70's. You're Mullards may very well be re-labeled Brimars AT MULLARD PRICES!!! Andy is an expert and can tell the difference! You WILL BE impressed after speaking with him!! NOS tubes are pricey enough...why not get an education for the same price?
I couldn't agree more with fatparrot....Andy Bouwman is the best!! He has been a tube-o-phile since he was 8 years old. He won't steer you wrong.
My original question, as it was clearly stated, was not where to buy the tubes but which specific tubes( i.e. brands) people prefer in that amp. Would anyone care to address that question and give their opinions.
why are you not satisfied with the stock tubes? what exactly are you looking for? i own the vk-75 and am very happy with the stock tubes despite their "inferiority" to the 75se's 'supertubes'.
Tube choices are very subjective depending on your total system and musical tastes. My experience with trying 12au7s. I have tried Mullards, Telefunkens, Amperex, GE 5 Star and RCA Cleartops. My system is SS amp (Plinius) and ProAc Response 2.5s. I have settled on the RCAs for their pure musical nature as well as value. I have found the Mullards to be too laid back, the Teles a bit forward. I like the Amperex, but at twice the price of the RCAs, they're hard to justify. So, it would seem to reason that the sonic signatures of all these would be similar. I do agree with the comments made regarding Andy Bowman. However, he is very pricey on his products, albeit very selective and honest. If you're ready to drop $40-$50 per tube, he can't be beat.