What are the current useless terms in this "audio world"

Throughout the history of marketing of all kinds of consumer goods there have been many useless, hyperbole phrases and words used.  It seems on ebay, here, craigslist and others a current pet of Sellers is taking something to "the next level"....  which sounds like a great marketing term for an elevator maker.   

I may have missed it, but after 128 responses no mention of what is, without a doubt, the most useless term in Audio; or, at least the most misused term in Audio:


Accurate, compared to what? The term is, more times than not, used to describe a spectral balance on the leaner/brighter side of that particular listener’s idea of what “neutral” is; whatever that may be. Nonsense! For something to be accurate it has to be so in comparison to a specific standard or, in this case, a specific type of sound. Good luck with that. However, the sound of live acoustic sound is a good (best) start.