What are the "new" brands in amps and pre-amps

everybody know's brands like: Krell, Pass Labs, Mark Levinson,Classe, Halcro etc. What are the new brands which also can give a very musical sound and a holographic 3d image?
Love my Mystere CA-21 tube preamp, very musical, natural, deep and wide soundstage.
I know this thread is old now, but I want to second the vote for Wells Audio. I tried the Innamorata amplifier in my home and compared it directly against two conrad johnson amps and a Marantz amp. All three were at one time or another highly recommended by Stereophile etc. The Wells was substantially better. More micro detail, quieter, more dynamics, better bass yet smooth highs. I was sold. I bought two and use them in a veritcal biamp set up. At $6k retail, I think this amp is fantastic.