What are the "new" brands in amps and pre-amps

everybody know's brands like: Krell, Pass Labs, Mark Levinson,Classe, Halcro etc. What are the new brands which also can give a very musical sound and a holographic 3d image?
Burson audio has some time on the market..their creations have been improving over the years.
Hi Bol1972,

In your opinion, what will be the best for Monitor Audio PL300 (listen at low/mid levels)... Pass Int30A or Primare A32 + PRE30?

I have this two options at same price.

The Pass Int30A would be a better match for the Pl-200. But....for the Pl-300 the A32 will be a much better advice. Why? Very simple, it gives you much more control and drive. This is the funpart of the Pl-300. Don't forget that the Pl-200 3 years later came on the market. Exept the drive the Pl-200 is far superior over the Pl-300. I sold mine and many of my clients their Pl-300. They now play with Pl-200 and a subwoofer. This outperforms the Pl-300 with a subwoofer with ease!