What are the top 3 dream speakers you wanna buy next regardless of price?

Assuming cost no object, equipment matching no issue, wife no opinion, what are the top 3 dream speakers you wanna own and what is (are) your current speaker(s)?

Don’t worry about being the best ... nor most expensive ... they could be something you’ve never tried yet, and you feel intensely curious about...

(if you feel you already own your dream speakers, just state so, for our education?)

My top 3 (in any order)
YG Exquisite Extreme Grand limited
Wilson Audio WAMM Master Chronosonic
YG Sonja XV

What I have now (in any order)
Kharma CRM 3.2 FE
Wilson 3/2
Western Electric 10D (odd isn’t it?)

LOL, you could play them all at once and average their strengths. :-)

It's true, isn't it? Everything one the list has its strong points. (Haven't heard Roger Modjeski's new ESL, though.)

I wonder if Wendell has done just that -- listened with 30.7's on one side of the room and IVa's on the other.

One thing I'll say -- I've heard the 30.7's twice and both times were in decent but less than ideal dealer setups, but they do some things that the IVa's just can't touch. The new high performance midrange driver is killer, the only other time I've heard midrange that realistic is on ESL-57's. And according to Wendell, they added the new midbass coupler so that the bass panels wouldn't intrude on the clarity of the midrange with the single pole crossover.

My IVa's do do some things that the 30.7's didn't do but not sure how much if anything that has to do with triamping and how much has to do with their being in a small room with tweeters in and not having 20 other guys in the room with me. But I don't see why you couldn't biamp the 30.7's if you were willing to open them up and bypass the crossover. I think I'd want to wait for the warranty to expire first, though. :-)
As others have mentioned, I'd give rein to my curiosity and buy and then sell any speaker that piques my interest. 

I'd love to go to Japan and listen to one of those huge, Goto and Kinoshita horn systems for example.
Mijostyn, great summary. One quibble, line sources fall of as 1/R, and point sources as 1/R^2. Also, the full length Maggie lines act more as line sources in the bass, though not perfectly because of the way the resonances are distributed (lowest frequency segments near the floor to take advantage of the reinforcement). But any planar woofer is going to react very differently in a small room than a large one because of proximity to side walls. The 30.7 solves this with separate bass panels that are tuned to be flat when positioned at the side walls. For smaller Maggies in a big room, they recommend reinforcing the midbass with the DWM.

BTW, I don't know of any speakers that equals the clarity of ESL's, but taken as a whole, the 30.7's are the most realistic speakers I've ever heard -- between the ribbon tweeter and the new high quality midrange, they have a stat-like clarity to them, whereas earlier Maggies lost some of their clarity as they got down to the midrange (but were still clearer than dynamics).
In my dreams...
  1) Living Voice Vox Olympian
  2) Burmester BC350
  3) Wilson Benesch Eminence
  4) Lansche No.8.2