What are the top 3 USB cables being used today in reference systems?

I am looking for a highly rated USB cable that stands head and shoulders above the rest. Is there such a cable?
There is no such cable.  What you really want is to ensure galvanic isolation (well known), and possibly regenerate the bit stream (not proven).

Or switch to optical ethernet.
Personally I feel if you have your spend over a $1000on a digital cable 
something is seriously wrong  in the design of your dac. 
The P.S audio direct stream dac minimizes the added benefit  of  spending to 
much on a USB cable. I have a AQ a Diamond  USB cable very good 
yes you can get a little better  but at what cost 2-3% for another $1500 ?
put a synergistic black fuse in there ,treat all connections with Stabilant -22 
and these improvements are much more cost effective .
WyWires recently came out with a Diamond series USB cable - their reference line. For years, their Platinum was considered reference level, so I'd imagine the diamond series to be a significant step up.  I've heard the Platinum in my system and was very dynamic and transparent.  An excellent performer.
Had the SR $2K USB and my now Inex USB easily was a better USB cable that both my friend and I sold the SR and bought the Inex.

Nordost knows how to raise the $$$ line 3 fold 😧