What are the top 3 USB cables being used today in reference systems?

I am looking for a highly rated USB cable that stands head and shoulders above the rest. Is there such a cable?
I hate to say but schiit audio makes a $20 one.    You can be happy.  But if you need some thing
Nicer go wireworld around  $700
Cant remember. Audio is like a nice babe.  Do you want a $20
Or a $1800  One 
I bet folk here who are recommending these ridiculously priced cables wouldn’t be able to tell the difference from a $5 one in a double blind test. It’s a sham IMO, but if it makes people happy to believe...

One advantage would be the expensive cables are probably better constructed and will last longer, but that’s not a given either.
I don't have a top 3 as I haven't tried many. But I can say with conviction that the Sablon Audio Reserva Elite beat my erstwhile Nordost Blue Heaven in every parameter. 

Anyone who believes canles make make a difference and does not want to spend an inordinate amount of money ( and I realise this is relative), should try the Sablon reserva elite. They have a time-bound money back program if one doesn't like it.

Among inexpensive ones I would recommend Chord USB SilverPlus. I am using it in my desktop setup.
In my main system my favorite is  Audience AU24 SE USB Dual End. Really nice cable, tonal balance is very neutral, rich and deep bass, excellent mids and highs. 
Very close to Audience AU24 is Chord Signature USB cable. 
A USB cable either transfers all the data or it doesn't. Don't waste yoyr money.