What are the top 3 USB cables being used today in reference systems?

I am looking for a highly rated USB cable that stands head and shoulders above the rest. Is there such a cable?
@stevehuff Get hold of a Final Touch Audio Callisto and you might find the results interesting. By the way, I enjoy your reviews and photography...take alot more photos, you have real talent.
Another vote for the AQ Diamond USB.  I'm using it between my Mac Mini and my Ayre QB-9 and it's staggeringly good.  I did a few blind comparisons with the wife and she was afraid to give me her opinion.  Finally she told me that the Diamond (which she didn't know which it was) was so much better than my standard cable that one was like being at a concert, the other was listening to a Bose wave radio - which he have in the kitchen.

The difference the Diamond made in my system was nothing short of jaw dropping.  Super highly recommended.


You were 100% right! The Shunyata Sigma USB is an outstanding cable! I had to try one for myself. 
if you can fit it: Uptone USPCB, not a cable but a rigid circuit board connection giving you 90ohms exactly and split signal and power path through different layers of the circuit board. Exact 90ohm impedance and length of cable both matter greatly for sound quality