What are the treasures in your vinyl library?

They don't have to be the collector's items, necessarily. I'm just asking, what is your short list of LPs in your personal library that you prize the most (maximum 5)?

I'll start:

Diana Krall: "From This Moment On" from Classic Records, mastered on a tube cutter

Buddy Rich: "Class of '78", Direct-to-disk recording of my favorite drummer leading the best incarnation of his band

Muddy Waters: "Folk Singer", not MFSL or German pressing or original pressing or anything fancy, just a Chess/MCA 1987 reissue LP that puts you in the room with Muddy

I also have a 35mm Everest recording of Mozart woodwind sonatas that I picked up at St. Vincent DePaul for $1. It's old and a little ragged, but that 35mm mag tape really puts the players right there in the living room.
Radiohead "OK Computer," Paul Kelly's "Gossip", The Clash's "This is Radio Clash"
Wow, you made me pull out my copy of Mr Heartbreak. I'd forgotten how good it is. For Nkj; if you like Avoid Freud, remember Blue Peter? "Don't walk on past" is suprisingly good. Maybe not "treasures" but here's what I keep going back too this week( on vinyl of course ) Roxy music - Avalon, Lucinda Williams - West, Souxsie and the Banshees - kalidescope, Bruce Cockburn - Night Train, Bjork - Debut, The The - Dusk, John Coltrane - Blue Train
I would say the promo label Japan pressing Of John Coltrane's Sun Ship in Mint condition.
Also the Japanese pressing of Miles Davis' Bitche's Brew. My copy of Pink Floyd's Wish You Were Here on Japan MasterSound half -speed.
Right now,
My OBI JJ Cale records are giving me the most joy.
I wish I could find some more.