What are we going to do about Tele 12AU7 prices

so the prices are ridiculous,,none of us can afford these prices..so what AU's are we going to substitue foe Teles.
And dont say RCA;'s, I  dont like   RCA's and  Philips Miniwatts were ok, nothing great. 
I need something close to Tele. but at 1/5th the price.
Try the GE 12au7’s sold by Kevin at Upscale Audio.

I use one in my Tavish Design classic phono amp. Sounds good to me and it is very quiet. 
Mozartfan call Brent Jesse and ask about Mazda tubes. Made for the French Military. The 12AU7 silver plate is similar to Tekefunkens extended top end. The 6189 is similar but a little on the warmer side.

Just a guess but I think you would like the Silver plate if you favor the Telefunken sound.
Please explain this to me. In a hobby where interconnect cables and speaker cables cost thousands of dollars someone is complaining about tubes that cost $120?