What are you powering your Martin Logans with????

I have a set of Prodigy's that are being powered by a Audio Research VT200. It sounds great, I recently upgraded from Sonic Frontiers Power 2. System sounds much cleaner, with a deeper soundstage, and just smooooth. I am wondering what other people's set-up's are and what they think of them.

Anyone using Wolcott mono's........... or other ARC gear????
I am currently powering my Aerius i's with the PS Audio HCA-2 which I find provides enough power. There is good bass extension and the sound is quite vivid without being edgy or harsh- almost tube-like as advertised. It does help that my Pass Labs X2.5 brings out all the good qualities of this amp.

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I used to have the Audio Research VT100 on Martin Logan Ascents and they sounded great, but needed more power. I then bought a VT200 and for one reason or another I did not like the sound. I ended up up with a Pass Labs X250 and was very happy with the match. I have since replaced the Martin Logan Ascent's with the Odyssey and am replacing the X250 to the X350 for some more power. I looked at the Wolcott mono's but had no way to audition them; I have heard the are a good match?? Since I know the Pass and Martin Logan sound and like it a lot, I just stayed with the Pass amps.
VTL IT85... wow, tubes sound great with ML Aerius. Later added VAC Renaissance 70/70... now that sounds SWEEET!!