What are your favorite monitors?

I'm interested to hear what your favorite monitors are, both for general reasons and specific reasons. There seem to be a lot of quality monitors out there and it's an easy size to deal with. I'd like to become more familiar with more of them.

For the more specific reason. I'm going to be able to set up a small system in a small room using a modified SS Blue Circle integrated amp and RA Opus 21 CDP. Right now I have a pair of Spendor S3/5 speakers that are very good and this is the approximate size box I'm interested in, but larger are fine too. For this small system are there other monitors that you might recommend, that perhaps have a synergy with BC electronics? With so many monitors available and few available for local demo I would appreciate your critiques of the speakers you like.

I use Audience Au24 speaker cables. My music preference is for mostly classical (not a lot of orchestral), jazz, space music, bluegrass, finger picking acoustic guitar, and some rock music (but don't expect to rock out). I don't like bright speakers. The speakers may not be able to be too far out from the wall; consider this near-filed listening. Since the majority of monitors are not terribly expenisve I'm open to most suggestions price-wise. Thanks.
While they are somewhat colored (bit of bloated mid-bass, the box sings a bit), the JM Reynard Trentes are fantastically musical and enjoyable monitor-sized speakers.

If price is no concern, the Gryphon Sonata is something to behold -- it sounds like a much bigger system. I suppose it is not really a monitor, given that the "stand" is an integral part of the speaker, but it is sized like a monitor speaker. Quite amazing, quite pricey.
I have had some monitors at home, I recall with great pleasure the B&W DM12 and N805, as well as a pair of Mission 731i (yes, the small ones - now out of production) but there must be a replacing model you can gather about.

Tannoy DualConcentric
Point source
Phase coherent since 1946
Time coherent since'89
My Little Reds show no power compression up to 114dB spl (the danger is: they are louder than you think)
Efficient at 94 bB 1w/1m.
Ilike the sound of paper cones.
For classical you might find some SRM/SGM 10b.
For those you can get some rather good upgraded boxes and crossover, if you've got the money,I think tey are about 1100$. You have to supply the drivers.
These are probably the best nearfields ever made.
PS.: The upgraded Tannoys are then known as
Manley ML10.
The upgrade costs $1600 and you can find it all at www.manleylabs.com ( sorry , don't know how to link properly).
Go to Tyler Acoustics web-site first. Then call ty who is the owner and builder of the speakers. The Linbrook signature monitors are great speakers and I'm sure once you have heard them you'll agree. These speakers are built by someone who takes a lot of pride in his speakers. I did alot of research before I bought my Linbrooks and I could not be happier. Ty builds speakers the way I would if I was to undertake such a task. Good Luck !