What are Your Favorite Tweeters?

Hi All.  I would like to extend the survey that occurred back in 2008-2012 about favorite tweeter types.  During that survey, folks mentioned: Gallo CDT, various ribbon tweeters (RAAL, Kapton, Legacy), Fostex, Dynaudio Esotar, Heil, Seas Millenium, and various exotics (electrostatic, plasma, compression driver).  I am wondering about ring tweeters, such as the Satori TW29R or the Scanspeak Revelator. I am (personally) looking for something that can fit into a 104mm diameter lip.  But for the big picture, I'd like to know what tweeters you have loved!  I've got Accuton diamond tweeters in my Avalon Eidelons, and I think they are quite delicate and natural sounding.
Revels beryllium tweeter are up there for some of the best domes. For me Magnepans full ribbons take it. 
"The AMT tweeter and silk dome tweeters. Everything else doesn’t sound real to me."

Yep. It’s always a kick to see the look on someone’s face the very first time they hear a speaker design with a really good AMT implementation.
Magnepan true ribbon tweeter.

5ft long by 1/4 inch.

flat to 40 kHZ.

smooth and clear, HP said it was the best and I agree!

I don't know if it counts in this discussion, but I recently added Townshend supertweeters to my speakers, and they are very fine too. Smooth and grain free, unlike some flat EMT type supertweeters that I had tried previously.