What are your general thoughts of B&W speakers

What do you guys think of B&W speakers. Specifically, the 800 series diamond line. What are their strengths and weakness? I know I will get quite a few different opinions on this subject. If you had 8 to 10k to spend on a pair of towers, what would you choose? I prefer to buy new so, for the sake of this discussion to new retail products only and stay away from used. I have listened to the B&W 804 diamond quite a bit. I don't have any high end dealers near me but, I can make a drive to audition some brands within an hours drive. What should I sit down to listen to in this price range?
B&W speakers got me into higher end audio. I always had decent low budget stuff from the early 80's and some time in the mid 90's I bought some DM602's and they were the best bang for the buck ever. I cranked those bad boys every day for 10 years. I think the 800 series are fantastic. Lets put it this way. What's the opposite of dry? Wet? Wet to me sounds like something someone would say who's never been to a live music event in their entire lives. Ive never been to a wet concert. Understand 90% of people on this forum don't go to live shows. Music wasn't intended to be recorded.
On one audition, I remember my head flinching and turning to the side when some high vocal harmonizing sounded shrill. Rightly or wrongly, I attributed it to the speakers.
thanks for all the responses guys. I have been reading lots of speaker threads here and B&W just doesn't get mentioned alot. I guess I can understand why now. My friend has the 804 diamond towers. I think they sound good but, I haven't compared them to anything. My town is too small and doesn't have any so called hi-fi stores. Just big box stores like best buy and H.H. gregg. They don't carry any of the speakers I am interested in. I have checked out the sonus faber cremona M online. They look interesting to me. I might have to find a dealer nearby and listen to those. I wish I could take them home and try them out.
My thoughts are that b&w 800 series are awesome! When I first heard b&w I thought they sounded tinny with no bass. I was a paradigm man. This was around 1999 or so. I was using top of the line yamaha receivers and studio 40's then 80's and finally 100's. I still wasn't happy as I know a lot of us in this hobby are striving for excellence, always wondering what speakers in the magazine sounds like. Well my local stereo shop aquired the b&w line. They had the 805's 804's and the granddaddy the 802 d paired with mcintosh power c46 & mc402. I found after many years of listening to many different speakers, that I was someday going to buy b&w & mcintosh. And boy I did, and couldn't be happier. The pairing of these powerhouses in my opinion has brought joy back to listening to music. The refinement, transparency, low coloration, and soundstaging is beyond my expectations. So andyprice44, I wish you the best in your search for what makes you happy. It could take years, as it did for me, and a process of upgrades. It's been a blast. Cordially,