What Are your impressions?

I have been researching different recepticles to up-grade to, up-on the research, I have found that Beryllium copper to be the best available, Now to the question, The Beryllium copper is still plated with either Rhodium or your choice of gold plated, If any, what Is your impressions of the sound between these different platings?, Thankyou community, I look forward to everyone's reply.
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yes I did Zd542, I thought the question was valid, so I would like to know the community's response.
I have been using strictly Furutech receptacles with great results. They are very well built and overall product finish is first rate. I am using the Gold finish on smaller components and Rhodium finish on the power amps.

The main advantages of audiophile grade receptacles are solid mechanical contact and reduced contact resistance of combined receptacle and power plug. These will provide more bass definition when compared to regular receptacles. I've used Walker SST silver compound on all my power plugs to further reduce contact resistance and noise. These 2 tweaks will bring your sound to another level.
Hi Dasign, what exactly is Walker sst silver compound?, years ago, I use to use this gel substance for contacts like speaker spades and etc.., It worked very well, I believe I might have gotten this stuff from Audio-Visor, that was a very long time ago, I recently looked in a couple of Audio-visor catalogs and did not see an item that was like it, cheers.
"Hi Dasign, what exactly is Walker sst silver compound?"

Its a contact cleaner like your gel. Same type of product, but from a different company.