what are your top "audio bargins" in your system history?

It is great to have all the money you need to have the best and endless upgrading.  But what about the components you've had that were inexpensive that turned out to be favorites of yours?


Vandersteen 2CE Sig II speakers

Schiit Freya Plus tube preamp

Schiit Bifrost II DAC

Line Magnetic 216i integrated tube amp (best addition overall)


@testrun  I remember my Spicas. They were quite excellent, but in time I went to Celestion SL600's, more than a little because the SL600's gave me near insane  3D. Anyway, when the SL600's eventually started going through one too many tweeter deaths, I ended up with NOLA Boxers. I've been happy ever since. True, they don't possess quite the 3D of the Celestions but their tone is a good deal more natural.

The original Rega Kyte bookshelf speakers that were £200 sometime in the early 1990s.

If it wasn't for their lack of bass I'd still be using them.

They had such natural timing and coherence that they made most others at the time sound somewhat messy and blurred in comparison.

@edcyn - I heard the SL600’s in Chicago.  It was the first system I heard with a sub.  At the time out of my price range but will never forget listening to them.  They were unbelievable.  Today I own Joseph Audio Perspectives and believe they are my end game speakers.  

As an audiophile who has focused on value this past decade, I feel I've acquired several examples. What stands above the rest in competitive sound quality I believe is my Hornshoppe Truth line stage.