what are your top "audio bargins" in your system history?

It is great to have all the money you need to have the best and endless upgrading.  But what about the components you've had that were inexpensive that turned out to be favorites of yours?


All the Dunlavy speakers through the years and most recently the Doge Dac 7 Mk II. This DAC is nowhere close to broken in but is already the best I've ever heard.


Reference 3A MM deCapo i speakers. After decades of a parade of speakers from ProAc, Thiel, Merlin, DeVore and others, the de Capos are the ones that most often surprise me with what I’m hearing. And, a Nelson Pass designed Amp Camp Amp in my office system. Remarkable sound at a silly cheap price and a weekend of fun building it.


In my admittedly small amount of gear over the past ten years or so I would have to say the near new Maggie LRS I picked up for $550 a few years ago.  Even at retail they are a fantastic deal IMO.  

Audio Research Classic 60 (2 years old), ARC 3 meter litz speakers cable. ARC 1 meter RCA IC and ARC 1/2 meter RCA IC. All for $1600 in 1992.

ARC Classic 60 amps (30 years old) sell for this today.

Empire 698 turntable (store demo) for $150.

Bryston 4B3 (store demo) for $2750.

Klipsch La Scalla II (as new) for $5000 + free shipping.

The one that got away: Box full of assorted Black Diamond Racing cones, squares, gizmos. Easily 20 pieces. $100.


Trading my DQ-10’s for a pair of Acoustat Model X’s.  I also was able to sell my Hafler DH-220’s!  Still have the Model X’s, but I don’t listen to was much as I should.