What area or country do you live in ?

It's always interesting hearing members choices and opinions of equipment and set-ups on here. So many times, I have never even heard of equipment that is mentioned, only to find out that this person in living in another county from mine. I thought it would be interesting to see where we all live

I'll start

Southeastern Ohio, USA

Geez all of you audiophools live all over the place.  Very Nice indeed.  For those of you in the NYC area I will be reaching out to you to invite you for a listen at a local dealer in northern New Jersey if you don't mind me doing so.  I will be launching my audio products then so you are all invited for a listen.

I am obviously in New Jersey.
@schubert, Robert Fulton's incredible Ark Records recordings were of local amateur Minneapolis choral groups and church organists. Sonically, they are amongst the best recordings I have ever heard, and are musically charming.
Western Loudoun County, Va. about 50 miles west of Wash, DC. Nice wineries and a growing list a good tasting craft breweries.
Upstate NY,  Within 3 hours from Boston, NYC, Montreal, Buffalo from each direction. Winters here last about 6 months. 
Singapore. It’s hot and humid now. 3 months later it will still be hot and humid. 6 months later it will be the same. Ask me again in 9 months.