What artist piqued your interest?

For 20 plus years, I was very much into Classic Rock. Got older and went into the direction of Jazz and Blues, all styles. That was all I listened to. Then one day I heard Nickel Creek and now I can't get enough Blue Grass. Who knew?

Your story?

Good Listening,

Steve Bachman
Phoenix, AZ
Yeah I pretty much listen to jazz, but mainly classical. I Didn't like country (which is pretty close to blue grass), then I picked up Allison Krauss - Union Station and got into blue grass. Would love more high quality recordings of newer rock or alternative, but won't listen to the overprocessed crap.
I've been a serious rock fan for the 25 years I've been listening to music. There have been plenty of ventures into other genres, though. Johnny Cash's "Silver" turned me onto country many moons ago, while Muddy Waters' "Folk Singer" got me hooked on blues. Those albums led to other wondrous discoveries, and now I have plenty of blues and country in my collection. Recently, I've dipped my toes into classical, purchasing Mobile Fidelity's pressing of Ravel's Bolero. I like what I hear, so who knows where that'll lead.
check out this live wire renee olstead @ 14 years old she

sounds maevelous let me know what you think
Thelonious Monk. His combination of swing and invention is incredible.
Started with SACD, "Straight, No Chaser" and I was hooked. Now, I'm filling in my Monk collection. Another recent discovery is Shostakovich, both his symphonies and string quartets. It is classical music, but it has elements that seem to me almost jazz-like.
My Dad's Chet Atkins LP when I was only 5 or 6.

I listened to mostly rock and R&B through the '70's, then added new wave, new age and modern jazz in the '80's.

In 1986 I saw the 8th International Tchaikowsky Competition on PBS and started re-exploring classical.

The 1990's were ho hum fo rme.

Since being on the 'GoN the last four years, I've become fond of Jobim, neo flamenco, music of the world, the proliferation of female vocalists that have become popular and classic jazz.

One recent artist that has really impacted my listening is guitarist Steve Denny.