What artist piqued your interest?

For 20 plus years, I was very much into Classic Rock. Got older and went into the direction of Jazz and Blues, all styles. That was all I listened to. Then one day I heard Nickel Creek and now I can't get enough Blue Grass. Who knew?

Your story?

Good Listening,

Steve Bachman
Phoenix, AZ
Thelonious Monk. His combination of swing and invention is incredible.
Started with SACD, "Straight, No Chaser" and I was hooked. Now, I'm filling in my Monk collection. Another recent discovery is Shostakovich, both his symphonies and string quartets. It is classical music, but it has elements that seem to me almost jazz-like.
My Dad's Chet Atkins LP when I was only 5 or 6.

I listened to mostly rock and R&B through the '70's, then added new wave, new age and modern jazz in the '80's.

In 1986 I saw the 8th International Tchaikowsky Competition on PBS and started re-exploring classical.

The 1990's were ho hum fo rme.

Since being on the 'GoN the last four years, I've become fond of Jobim, neo flamenco, music of the world, the proliferation of female vocalists that have become popular and classic jazz.

One recent artist that has really impacted my listening is guitarist Steve Denny.
I was a Prog rock fan for years. I moved into the University City area in Southwest Philly and discovered porch and yard sales. In the first year I picked up Greek, African, and South American LPs and now I hungrily search out all forms of ethnic music from folk to rock. Portuguese Fado, Brazillan psychedelic rock and Samba, Serbo Croatian choral music are all on my plate now.
I'm currently enthralled by a Japanese rock group 'Ghost'.
Bebel Gilberto often graces my turntable. Carlos Gardel singing Tangos and Fela Kuti rebelling against the status quo are just some of the artists I've happend upon. I know I will never hunger for the latest trend in music. There is already too much music to discover and I enjoy the journey.
Wow, that's some neat stuff you listen to Ashra. I'll need to look into them. Thanks!
OK, you asked for it, here's my story. I grew up listening to "top 40". Whatever they were playing on AM radio I was listening to. I even thought some up-tempo Perry Como sounded cool. In 4th grade I watched Elvis on the Ed Sullivan show and asked my mother to pick up a copy of "Don't Be Cruel" and "Hound Dog" on 45 rpm. The next day at school one of the nuns said, "I hope none of you saw that disgusting Elvis Presley on TV last night". I said nothing and smiled and felt good knowing I had just committed my first act of civil disobedience.

As I grew older I was really into mainstream rock'n roll. All the kids in my small Southern Nebraska town had our car radios set to KOMA (Oklahoma City)and KAAY (Little Rock, Ark.) Of course these stations could not be picked up till after the sun set so we stayed out late and memorized the lyrics which was easy to do because there were so few songs that rotated on the play lists.

I kept listening to classic rock and R&B until the late 80's and then something happened. I grew tired of the same stuff and it seemed like I didn't enjoy the new top-40 music at all. I started exploring different genres and was really surprised at how well some these new styles connected with me. I listen to a lot of different music today and below I will list the albums that turned me on to some of the genres:

1. Blue Lines by Massive Attack
2. One Colour Just Reflects Another by Up, Bustle, And Out

1. Snake Bite Love by Zachary Richard
2. Git It by Beau Jocque and the Zydeco Hi-rollers

1. Companion by Patricia Barber
2. Boss Tenor by Gene Ammons

Big Band
1. Johnny Hodges with the Billy Strayhorn Orchestra (great!)
2. Is You Is or Is You Ain't My Baby by the J Street Jumpers

Flemenco Guitar
1. Vertigo by Jesse Cook

1. Tramp on Your Street by Billy Joe Shaver
2. Party Doll and Other Favorites by Mary Chapin Carpenter

Country Rock
1. Live Shots by Joe Ely
2. Never Been Rocked Enough by Delbert McClinton

1. Hillbilly Vodo by Barrence Whitfield
2. Borderland by Tom Russell

1. Sacred Steel Guitar Music in Florida
2. Safety Zone by the Fairfield Four

Well, I guess I rambled on quite a bit. If my "story" bored you I GAURANTEE my music selections won't! Thanks Steve Bachman for starting a good thread and thanks to you who have already given suggestins for new music.

Regards, Steve H