What beats the Evolution Acoustics MM3 ??

With 500 hours on my MM3s I'm feeling comfortable that they're sufficiently broken in to begin to draw conclusions on their performance. I'm wondering if anyone else has found a speaker with similar characteristics?

The MM3s are unlike any speakers I've ever owned- B&W Silver Signiture, WATT/Puppy 5.1, 6, Dunlavy IV, IVa, V, Kharma Midi Grand, etc.

The MM3s simply stated allow you to enjoy the music. They are so utterly natural in their sound reproduction that you can actually forget about hearing two loudspeakers in the chain and get a closer connection to the music. I know this sound like so much holistic drivel, but I struggle to find a better way to express the sensation. In analytical, terms the following audiophile attributes, when veiwed holistically, help to explain this end result.

- Seamless driver integration.
- Flat frequency response with exceptional extension at the frequency extremes.
- Natural sounding dynamic swings and transparency.
- Truly effortless full scale presentation.
- Rivals Houdini in their ability to completely disappear.

These characteristics, in concert, allows you for once to focus solely on the music- something most audiophiles sorely need. The quality of the components comprising the MM3s must also help to achieve this level of "rightness".

- Linear, smooth, sweet & extended ribbon tweeter.
- Two ultra high-line ceramic midrange drivers- D'Appolito arrayed.
- Two 15" powered woofers in sealed enclosures- D'Appolito arrrayed.
- Super premium crossover parts and internal wiring.
- Computer modelled cabinet structure finished to extraordinarily exquisite standards. Think Sonus Faber meets Magico Mini.

Ultimately, the performance level these speakers achieve must certainly be attributed to their designer- Kevin Malmgren- formerly of Von Schweikert Audio. Kevin designed most of the current VSA line, including the legendary VR-11 and the equally impressive VR-9. While on the subject of the VR-9s- I listened exrensively to the VR-9s driven by the DartZeel pre-amp, DartZeel amp and EMM Labs digital front end at the '05 RMAF and was mightily impressed. Last year- 06' RMAF- is spent many hours listening to the MM3s driven by the EMM labs CDSD and the Dart combo (BTW the Darts and the CDSD are what I'm currently using on the MM3s) and the '06 RMAF MM3 system was significantly better, to my ears, than the VR-9 based system of the prior year.

This brings me around to the great value I belive the MM3s represent. At approximately $40k the MM3s significanly bettered the VR-9 which run $75K. Are the MM3s the equal to the enormous VR-11- I don't know, but perhaps they are- at almost 25% of the $150k price.

The Evolution Acoustics modular design allows you to start with MM1s or MM2s and add woofer modules as your budget allows. I've got my MM3s in a relatively small room of approximately 18x17 dimensions and the speakers perfectly integrate into the room. I was a little suprised by this ease of integration, but needless to say am now delighted. No bass boom or overload- not even close! And as an additional bonus the tweeters, woofers and woofer/midrange crossover points are adjustable. My MM3s are set, essentially, flat and I've felt no need to fiddle with the adjustments.

This leads me back to the opening comment about the MM3s and their ability to let you just enjoy the music. No other speaker in my experience has allowed me to just listen and enjoy- without feeling the need to tweak this or change out that. This is a true revelation for me. I'd like to know if others have discovered other speakers capable of this feat.
This leads me back to the opening comment about the MM3s and their ability to let you just enjoy the music.

Congrats. I know exactly how you feel.

The speakers you mentioned having owned in the past do look like a solid progression from "hi-fi" exciting speakers towards more natural balanced sounding speakers. It seems you have found one that suits your taste best. It is nice to find something that plays everything well!

I am not sure I would agree however about the great value...to me a used pair of DAL V's still epitomizes great value. The MM3's dispersion pattern may be a lot better than the DAL ....is this perhaps why you perceive such a natural sound and "disappearing" act from such a large tower? Just a hunch, but the baffle looks very carefully designed to eliminate side edge diffraction and the D'Appolito design will limit the vertical response greatly.

I am also curious if you tried such large speakers (like the DAL-V's) in only an 18 by 17 room? Do you have significant acoustic treatment or a PARC? I am astonished that straight out of the box without tweaking they give you a flat frequency response in this room.

The Dunlavy Vs are certainly a fantastic value, if you can find a used pair. As you know they're no longer being produced. Getting original factory drivers would probably be difficult at this point but, quite frankly, the origianl drivers were not that great. Upgrading drivers would probably be beneficial as long as you they interfaced correctly with the crossover. I agree that the dispersion pattern is much improved on the MM3s over the Dunlavy Vs and almost certainly contributes to the MM3s ability to disappear from the listening room.

I never had the Dunlavy Vs in my present room and I don't believe they would have sounded their best in that sized room. The Dunlavys always needed plenty of room "to beathe" to sound right.

I do have some basic room treatment- 1st reflection absorbtion, some dispersion behind the MM3s and a couple of Tube Traps in the corners behind the speakers. I used to own a PARC, in a different more truobled room- horrible bass hump at 63hz- but got rid of it. It worked great, but I didn't like how it sounded in the system.

My present room, which has a couple of angled walls- one short one going into a bedroom and one long one behind the the listening position seems to help to break up room nodes very well. I 've had other speakers in the room and they have all sounded good. I think that I simply have a room without any significant nodes.

What are the super-premium cross-over parts and internal wiring that you referred to?
Hi Franz. This is Barry K. We met at Rocky Mountain last year. As you know, I have the MM2's. I can't agree with you more. I also have them set very close to the factory settings. I played with the settings alot while they were breaking in. After a few hundred hours, the sound transformed and I have no desire right now to play with the controls. They are the most perfect component I have ever experienced. It is so rare and refreshing when there are no performance parameters that I feel needs to be improved. The only limitations to the sound are the limitations of the recordings. Being so transparent and neutral, the sound obviously varies from recording to recording. Mediocre recordings sound OK, good recordings sound FANTASTIC and great recordings sound UNBELIEVABLE. I now just sit back and feel transported to each and every recording venue.
Enjoy Franz

Disclaimer - I'm also a dealer for EA

In talking with the Kevin he said that no expense was spared for their application. More specifically I know that they use the most expensive capacitors available and that the internal wire rivals most high-end ($1000+/meter retail price) speaker cable.