What brand outlet for dedicated lines?

I am looking to add dedicated lines and am researching the best (within reason) outlet for this application. Many have told me Hubbell HBL8300HI -- any suggestions?
Look into the cryo treated Hubbell's from www.audioexcellenceaz.com ,open the World Power link. Several friends of mine and I have cryo treated Hubbell 8300's and we all think they sound great! I have not listened to all of different outlets out there, but I can say with some confidence that you should like these. I do think that this is a very well made duplex even without the cryo. I do feel like the cryo treatment(done correctly) is worth more than every extra penny it costs!
Check out the Cable Company in their news letter thay have lots of info about their electrical outlets.
As Maxgain suggested check out Alan's website. I like the Hubbell 5362, Hubbell 8300, Wattgate 381, Acme silver plated (in the order listed however they are all good in their own ways). The above are cryo'd, with the exception of the Wattgate 381. A lot depends upon your system and the type of sound you want to achieve.
I too like the Hubbells although mine aren't cryo'ed-- yet:>) I can also recommend the FIM 880 although more expensive at $55-60.
I don't think Albert is still selling them. He did a run with payment in advance. Based on the success I think it is possible he will do it again sometime--but I don't know for sure. Hopefully he'll show up on this thread and let us know.
Rives, I got mine from Albert and love what they did. They did take a long while to burn in. Albert is a great asset to this site and am very glad to have been involved in the project. The cryo'd Hubbell's from Audio Excellence are burned in first which in my mind is a great service.
Sorry to arrive so late in this thread, I am still playing catch up from having spent five days at CES.

Several people have recently asked about getting additional cryo treated Hubbells. I would do it again, provided we get enough people to get the discount.
Hi Albert,

I am game for two more of the cryoed Hubbells. If you decide to go ahead with this, count me in.

Albert, glad to hear from you. The outlets ARE wonderful!

I am just a bit disappointed that so very few of the participants posted their findings about the "Ports" on the "needs 50" thread. Perhaps if you were to ask what peoples findings were they might respond.(Judit, you are one of the guilty parties)

I am not sure why you would want to go to all that work again? You must be, as I mentioned before, a HiFi Saint of some sort.
Hi Albert, count me in for 2 each. I have been looking around for months. So glad I did not miss the train this time!!!
I first tried the PS Audio PowerPort - Big mistake! or should I say that it depends if you like a bold, in-your-face sound (from the nickel?). I now have the cryoed Hubbell 5362 from AudioExcellenceAZ. Much better than the PS Audio, but I question how much I would have noticed if I had gone from my conventional wall outlet to the cryo, instead of going from the PS Audio. Jury is out, but I'm not hearing a lot of difference. Could cryo outlets be snake oil?
Albert, Please count me in for 2 cryoed Hubbells. I just installed a dedicated panel and lines. These outlets would be just what the doctor ordered. My hat is off to you for offering to do this again.
A properly cryo'd outlet (such as the Virtual Dynamics you purchased) should make what ever is plugged into it sound like it got an injection of steroids in just about all sonic directions. I think it is possible that results could be dependent upon the components in anyones system. I would believe that you would have heard a difference even if you did not try the other outlet.
How long have you used the Virtual Dynamics outlet for? Since it probably was not burned on a cable-cooker it could sound harsh and undeveloped for several days to four weeks. The outlet needs to be used 24/7 until it's sound developes.
If you think its snake oil, I'll offer you $15 for the VD cryo'd outlet!
Hi Albert, I would like two outlets if we get enough people as I have just had two lines installed for my system.
Albert, I need three cryo'd Hubbell's. By the way what is the count now, and have you decided on another cut off date or is it too soon for that? Finally, will the cost be the same as last time?
Based on this thread and a couple of emails, we have (maybe) 15 outlets spoken for. When we did this last time, I bought 14 for myself, so getting to the 50 minimum was easy.

Yes, the price stays the same, $36.00 for the outlet, cryo treatment, and round trip shipping to obtain treatment. Shipping to recipient was a few extra dollars and covered the (new) plain white box, packing pellets, FedEx and insurance.
Hi Albert. I just bought a few Hubbell 8300 and IG5352. What's the cost just for the cryo-treatment. Thanks.
I also have 100 P&S 5352 to consider treating for the 2 duplex PowerBoxes I'm assembling for A'goners. What's the batch capacity and cost for the treatment. Maybe we can get to fifty if I supply the remaining outlets? RSVP. Ernie 781 483-3922
I also emailed Albert. I asked him to put me down for one or two outlets (probably two).
OK gang, it's go time! If you are serious about a group purchase of Porter Ports, contact Albert.

There is a lot of talk, but Albert needs a true count of units to see if we have enough to make this happen.


Thank you Albert!!!