what cables for Krell 300i and Revel M20 suggest

I am going to be running a Krell s300-i integrated amp to a pair of Revel M20s and using a Rel Sub for a studio recording playback monitoring system. The main source would be a Metric Halo LIO 8 converter. This is to monitor my own recordings.

I need a set of interconnect to run from the LIO 8 to the Krell amp and a set of speaker cables to the Revel M20s. Any suggestions that might sound good with this setup. I imagine this sound to possibly be on the tighter brighter side and was thinking maybe a cable like MIT would fit the bill? I've tried tons of cables over the years. Just wanted to see what sort of suggestions I might get from others who may be familiar with what this system might sound like.

I have always found cables to almost like an EQ of sorts. You don't want a dull cable on a dull system but in the right system a duller sounding cable can be perfect.
Its hard to go wrong with Audioquest. I find the copper always sounds good, but if you consider silver, you need to give it a good demo just to be sure.
No offense, but rather than imagining, predicting and guessing what equipment you don't have might sound like, start out with a nice pair of Belden 12 gauge from Blue Jeans Cable, listen for a month or two, and then make a cable decision (if needed) based on hearing the actual equipment in your room. I have nothing against expensive cables, BTW. I just think that the more sensible progression is to listen first, buy later. Best of luck with your system.
I have owned a Krell 300I, I am going to get another one for second system, I used the Taralabs-The one, interconnects and speaker cables, absolutly does not sound bright!, very, very, good sound, these cables will make you not believe what is possible with the krell 300I, I still have these cables, I am going to use them on the next 300I, currently, I am building on the main system that is costly and saving the Tara the one cables for that intergrated amp, cheers.