What can beat Wilson XVX for less money?

If you have heard xvx what speakers have you heard that are better for less money? Seems Jay just got XVX and can't help but wonder if there are speakers that perform better for example for $100k or less. Including used.



tickets to a live performance


That is a non sequitur.

The OP did not ask for an experience to beat the Wilson’s, he asked for a less expensive speaker that rivals them.

But I seriously doubt, that anyone who can afford speakers at near $100K, and all the accompanying gear to go along with them, would have any real problem ALSO affording tickets to live concerts.

I go to a lot of concerts every year. I attend concerts by the LA Phil at Disney Hall, I attend concerts at the great music school up the street, The Colburn School to hear very talented students, jazz gigs at LA jazz clubs, etc, etc.

None of that negates the fact that I want the best speakers I can afford in my listening room.

And yes, I have heard the XVX on several occasions. While not previously a Wilson fan, they were quite impressive.

@simonmoon  the op asked if there were any speakers that may be better than the XVX, less that $100k used. He didn’t exclude other Wilson’s. So if he liked the XVX the Alexx V may be a solution under $100k used. I agree live concerts are a must and you probably have a good ear for what sounds real. People that regularly attend live performances especially orchestra type have a real advantage when it comes to judging an audio system.