What can beat Wilson XVX for less money?

If you have heard xvx what speakers have you heard that are better for less money? Seems Jay just got XVX and can't help but wonder if there are speakers that perform better for example for $100k or less. Including used.


All NEW Black Ocean Audio Le Chiffre Pro Earth Bookshelf speakers with the 6 REL Acoustics Line Array Subs would blow away the Wilson Audio XVX’s ! 😈😈


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REL Acoustics 6 Line Array Subs


Rick 2000

Not sure what hallucinogens you have been enjoying,  however no ......Like in None, "BookShelf"  type of loud speakers that can be found on the "Third Rock From The Sun",  regardless of how many Rel Subwoofers are being utilized,  will " Blow Away " a properly installed pair of Wilson XVX speakers.....more bass , perhaps, but that's about it.......