What can beat Wilson XVX for less money?

If you have heard xvx what speakers have you heard that are better for less money? Seems Jay just got XVX and can't help but wonder if there are speakers that perform better for example for $100k or less. Including used.


$120K Daniel Hertz Audio M1 Speakers and their Reference Gear  END-GAME SYSTEM


They are raving about the smaller $30K Daniel Hertz Audio M7 Speakers over on the What’s Best Forum too !

I heard the Wilson XVX speakers once at an Audio Show and they were absolutely as advertised, as were all the other comparable speakers from other manufacturers.  I loved the Arion Audio open baffle ribbon speakers as much as, or better than, anything else I've ever heard at any price point, and they cost just a fraction of what the Wilsons cost.  That's just one example.  There are others, too.      

It's definitely possible to beat the XVX if you are willing to invest in a dCS Vivaldi stack, Dan D'Agostino Relentless amps, Transparent audio Magnum Opus cables, and professional room treatments to go with those speakers.

JBL K2 Everest series can produce a large dynamic and totally convincing soundstage with sexy smooth tone.  More amp friendly and easier to place as well.

.......this is easy for me at least  ; I never liked the sound of Wilson Audio and I realize that many do. Too strident of a sound for me and I agree with others who have commented here that when get up to this level of performance ; the room acoustics are the most important piece of your system.