what cart for my Lenco L70?

I am the proud new owner of a minty Goldring Lenco L70.  I paired it with an Audio Technical's 1005 II arm and I'm now looking for a good cartridge for it.

My top two choices right now are Denon 103R (tons of great reviews, would work well with my high mass tonearm) and the new Ortofon SPU #1 (would look amazing on my vintage table but don't know as much about it sonically, read some good reviews)

I have a nice SUT so very low output is ok but also open to MM options.

Looking in the price range of the above mentioned carts



I've been loving the VAS Ebony 103...essentially a suped-up Denon DL-103 with a nude hyper elliptical stylus and heavier mass with wood body. I'd imagine it would be great fit for that tonearm.

thanks guys!  Went for the denon103R.  Coming from Japan.  Should arrive in a month