What Cartridge Manufacturers Will Retip Their Moving Coil Cartridges For A Fee?

What cartridge manufacturers will retip their moving coil cartridges for a fee?

I have a $3k Sumiko cartridge....Sumiko offers me $900 credit for my old cartridge towards the purchase of a new $3k Sumiko cartridge.

Next time I buy a new cartridge, I'd like to buy one from a manufacturer that will retip it for a fee.  Do any manufacturers of moving coil cartridges do retipping?


For the moment... I thought you've missed one letter in your last word. For fee I guess almost all, but for free not to many :-) All you do is to give the core to get $50 for it of the trade-in value and get brand new one for full retail price maybe minus cup-o-coffee discount. The alternative company such as Soundsmith would probably make you wait a couple of months if not longer before your cartridge is back so prepare to get some "loaner" or temporary budget cartridge if you go that way and if they're still around. Everything does seem to be temporary even the members here and even me...

SS do not make MC cartridges, so far as I know.  MI cartridges are easier to retip.

None that I've heard of will do that. The most you can get is a discount on a new cartridge when returning the old one. 

My Sonic Lab will retip/refurbish. It isn’t cheap. For my cartridge it cost 60% of new retail.  For all that I know, this is just a discount on a new cartridge.

VAS NY Inc has their own models of MC Cart' and have always been able to  accommodate Cart' owners requesting a re-tip.