What Cartridge Manufacturers Will Retip Their Moving Coil Cartridges For A Fee?

What cartridge manufacturers will retip their moving coil cartridges for a fee?

I have a $3k Sumiko cartridge....Sumiko offers me $900 credit for my old cartridge towards the purchase of a new $3k Sumiko cartridge.

Next time I buy a new cartridge, I'd like to buy one from a manufacturer that will retip it for a fee.  Do any manufacturers of moving coil cartridges do retipping?


Ortofon rebuilds, at least the higher end models. Only the body is reused, I believe, and the cartridge gets a new serial number. My A90 has been done thrice.

I have two Lyra Atlas Lambda (SL + Mono) and a DV XV-1s. I am happy for them to get a rebuild. I don't see a need to get a whole new cartridge out of it. A rebuild the way Lyra and DV do it is pretty much the same thing anyway. It costs an arm and leg either way. 😉

I think Soundsmith has the best deal for re-tips/rebuilds.  Their top cartridges have great reviews and people do like them - you should be able to find something compatible with your Sumiko. The Hyperion ES Mk II, their top MI cartridge retails for $8k and the rebuild is only $850 to the original owner. That's hard to beat.  

Rdk, yes, but, as previously mentioned, SS make MI cartridges. The operating principle is different from that of MCs, making rebuild a much simpler exercise. That’s a real virtue but not what the OP asked.