What Cartridge Manufacturers Will Retip Their Moving Coil Cartridges For A Fee?

What cartridge manufacturers will retip their moving coil cartridges for a fee?

I have a $3k Sumiko cartridge....Sumiko offers me $900 credit for my old cartridge towards the purchase of a new $3k Sumiko cartridge.

Next time I buy a new cartridge, I'd like to buy one from a manufacturer that will retip it for a fee.  Do any manufacturers of moving coil cartridges do retipping?


Rdk, yes, but, as previously mentioned, SS make MI cartridges. The operating principle is different from that of MCs, making rebuild a much simpler exercise. That’s a real virtue but not what the OP asked.

Why not have Soundsmith or one of the other services rebuild it for you.

I had them do a Sumiko Blue Point evo 3 with a broken cantilever and it sounded excellent. It's a lot cheaper than a new cartridge.