What Cartridge sings on your Origin Live (Silver Mk 4) arm?

As thread title suggests....


Not using an OL  Silver but a Conqueror MK4--super happy with my Charisma Signature One! Depending on your price point maybe another cartridge in the Charisma lineup?

I have owned many OL arms including the Silver Mk 2, Encounter mk3c, and currently the Illustrious mk3c and Enterprise mk4.  I have used Lyra, Benz and many levels of Ortofon cartridges up to the Windfeld Ti.  Very different presentations but each performed well.  Currently the Windfeld Ti is on the Illustrious mk3c and the Enterprise mk4 has a Miyajima Madake mounted on a dual arm table OL table.  The OL arms will perform well with most brands of cartridges in my experience.