What cassettes do peaple like these days ....

for recording ? on my Nak 682 zx , and where is the best place to buy them ? I will be recording off of my records and FM . Are there differences in tone or qualities that I can consider in making a choice .

Thank you !
A beldock
Always use Metal formulation if possible. It will hold the signal longer than a Chrome or other formulation. Buy the best brand you can, TDK, Maxell, Denon, and Sony were my favorites. I thought the Denons were the best of the bunch...

I have to agree with UraniumCommittee on this.
You should try to transfer your tapes to minidisc!
I had a Sony JA20ES unit that worked nice for this
This way you can listen to the Minidiscs,
anytime you want, WITHOUT the fear
PLUS, you can add TEXT to Minidisc!
I currently have 2 Sony JA3ES units right now,
AS well as a Pioneer DIGITAL 616 cassette
player, to play into Minidisc recorder.
NOW, as far as tapes are concerned,
go with Maxell Metal!
I always liked the best Denon tapes, I just found a box of Nak high bias tapes sealed for surprizingly not too much money.. sometimes these Nak tapes are pretty over priced. Have yet to try them out yet.