What CD drive to use with DAC?

I just purchased a Cambridge DacMagic. So to play CDs, is all I need is something to spin the disk, read the ones and zeros and send them to the DAC? Or is there more to it than that? My old CD player does not have digital out. So do I just get the cheapest CD player I can find with digital out? If so, any recommendations? As I am somewhat ditially impaired, so please be gentle with your responses.
Personally, I'd go with a higher end older unit as a transport over a cheap newer one. Many of the cheap ones only have toslink out and my preference is coax. Also, you should get a better power supply, better sound dampening and better connections by buying an older unit. Open up a $99 special and compare it to a 10 year old unit and you will see the quality difference.
Is there a difference between Oppo players as far as transport-only performance goes? If not, then the cheapest would be okay?
Its all about transport weight, You can tell 90% of the quality of transport on a unit by weight, Not entirely but its a solid way of going about it at first in research, Most dac chips and such will only add a pound or 2 at most but going from a 5LB player to a 14LB Player obviously would reflect a step up in Transport. This is not a steadfast rule but it USUALLY works out that way with Japanese units IMHO. As long as you stay Japanese you should be perfect, Denon, Sony, Marantz are the hondas (I guess Lexus as well) of CD Players. Those things just keep on going and working near flawlessly in most of the units ive seen barring my Marantz DVD Player I bought (It was the first DVD Player ever along with the sony) But I got it used and it actually is still playing at a friends house amzingly enough (It just didnt work as good as I had hoped when I saw the 1500-2500 retail, I was paying for brand new old school technology)

When your feeling like you want to upgrade take it to your local tech and have him put new wire from the transport to the COAX out and put on a fancy connector. Shouldnt cost more than $100 and will improve the Transport signifigantly

I really dont know about OPPO except everyone swears by it, I would go with a used High end unit with no HDMI if you want video, look for 20LB Players, There is the Denon 3800BDCI that has HDMI and plays blurays it was 2000 and is now about 5-600 or so. Best of luck Toby
Sure the 83 weighs 11 pounds it will be decent and its brand new, I would personally opt for the denon myself as a transport but that me, Its kind of 50/50 Heavier transport but used, VS. Brand new unit with warranty. I can tell you ive seen those denon units go and go and go and usually able to be modified.