what cd player to choose

I have krell 400kav amp,sonus faber grand pianos,cardas golden reference cables,prefere jazz music.wondering between ayre cx 7,bryston cdp 1,or meridian G08.2 or even 06.2 any sugestions?would appreciate answers from people who actually own the simillar gear.Thanks
I had an Ayre amp and preamp and was using an Arcam FMJ 23 which I replaced with a Rotel RCD 1072. I have been very happy with this unit. I purchased a Marantz 8001 to replace it because the Rotel did not have SACD capability, but I found the sound to be inferior to the Rotel. It sells for 6 or 7 hundred new and about 400 used on Audiogon. I think it is comparable to CD players that sell new for 2000 or more. If you search the reviews you will find others who share that opinion.
I have that player now,thought that its not the match for other gear,because both of my cables are more expansive than the cd.I also belleived that I sholud be able to hear the difference because I could use the balanced connections with other player.I know that spended money is not proportional to the quality of sound,but expected to hear the difference,on this level,anyway.In meantime I got offer for used accoustic arts mk2 player.Help.Is there anyone out ther?