what cd player ?

looking for suggestions for a cd player in the $1k -1300 range.


I would do the Oppo, and use a DAC !! I have a professional recording cd player with a updated TEAC transport for professional use, mated to a Schitt Gumby. And I stream out of my gamer ASUS laptop. Love the sound. And.. the Gumby is upgradeable. Most of the other DACs are not. Plus the proprietary USB is just  a smooth, warm, phenomenal sound. Gets me 98 percent of where I want to be. So, my nest purchase if the OPPO universal player next.

you can't buy anything good with that money...
Steve Descartes recently made an sd card player with a transformer output - call him.

Better yet, use a mac mini + software by Mark Levinson (now Daniel Hertz's company).

A real good CD player is 5-10K



personally, i'd buy a really good universal player used, but if you want new the yamaha s100 is $799 at accessories4less and is built like a tank

Lots of good suggestions here. I would like to add that When I was looking into getting a high end Esoteric I first dipped my toe in the used market and bought an Esoteric DV 50. It’s a universal player but I was totally surprised at the detail and overall musicality of this machine. Built like the proverbial tank, very heavy and can be found used well in your price range.

Just an idea for flexibility and sound quality, I bought this unit for CD and video as well. Panasonic DP-UB9000P1K. Audio section gets great reviews. Balanced output for 2-channel.