What CD Transports Provide the Most Detail?


I recently purchased a used PS Audio PerfectWave transport that replaced an eight year old, Philips based, AudioSpace CD8 that I was using as a transport.

I was amazed about how much better my system sounded (Theta Pro Basic III DAC, CJ17LS2, McCormack DNA-500, and Thiel CS5's).

My assumption is that the PWT provided more detail that translated into a better presence and aliveness to the sound.

Can anyone share their experience after trading their PWT for some other transport?

Thanks for listening,


Project recently came out with a $3K top-loader.  They're evidently still serious about this medium.  And it only reads Red Book.
Hi George,

You have suggested the CXC before and it would seem it is worth a listen at $299.

Yes it's very good, the first wave form pic link in my post above is of it.

Cheers George