What CDs to buy

I never thought I would get a CD player but opportunity knocked a couple months ago and here I am with an Audio Research CD6.  All my CDs from 30 years ago are mostly music I no longer listen to much.  I primarily listen to vinyl and stream but thought it would be cool to have an AR top loader and maybe seek out a few special CDs.  Any thoughts on specific CD releases that will give me some renewed respect for the shiny discs?  


Anything by Patricia Barber will sound good on CD. But basically, anything mastered in the last ten to fifteen years should be good - provided the original recording is good enough in the first place. However, if you have a top quality streaming setup, don't necessarily expect the CDs to better it.

I’ve had good luck with both Blue Note CD’s, and any Van Gelder reissues, not necessarily only Blue Note ones. You might try out a few SACD’s if your CD player can play them. The two I own are markedly better, although perhaps prohiibitively costlier than their Redbook equivalents. I’ve also had luck, generally speaking, with Japanese CD’s.

The price is definitely right on used CD’s versus new vinyl. I hardly mess with used records due to condition issues which CD’s are immune from for the most part. You’ll see a wide selection on Ebay.


“Target cd’s” made in West Germany in the early 80’s

was the first transfer from the analog source to cd.

I have a few and they are well done 

Good luck Willy-T

I recommend the XRCDs from Japan, 24 bit sound of the RCA living stereo series.

The Bartok recordings with the Chicago under Frits Reiner are incredible.  I also love the Beethoven 6th on the XRCD label.  There are others!



I should also add that I use a DVD sony DVD 999-ES (bought it for $139) player that was modified by Dan at Modwright in Oregon.  His modification (about $1500 in 2010) includes adding a separate power supply and output tubes to the DVD player modification.  I have used it for 12+ years and it is awesome sounding!