What Class D amps will drive a 2 ohm load

Just asking.

I see specs into 4 ohms but nothing into difficult speaker loads (like Thiel CS5's).

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Thanks for those kind words, @noble100

I actually do have amps I like and amps I do not like, and if some one asks about them I'm happy to share my honest opinion about them and why I picked something else.

I hope I continue to do so in a way that is respectful of the preferences and experiences of others.


I went looking, while there was 1 thread that was deleted, but still searchable, this is the harshest thing I could say about Spectral, and it was in 2016:

I've heard Spectral at Goodwyn's High End in Waltham, MA ages ago. I missed the magic, but it has a very strong following, what did I miss that others like about it?

I find it hard to believe that this is offensive, even less so that anyone remembers it. :D :D :D


D’Agostino, Luxman, Ayre are my top favorites right now.

I find their sound in sharp contrast with Pass, which is really not for me.

Spectral is a line I wanted to be impressed with, like Pass, and I just haven’t. They do not bring me joy.

On the opposite end of the spectrum is Pass. A sound I really don’t like.

First two posts were what amps do you like, not which ones you don’t like.

Third post was one of his trolling threads, which was created after another one didn’t bring any posts.

Anyway, there's others, but this should be enough to explain myself.

Give it up. 
Eric gave his opinion-Which is just as good as anyone's, even georgehifi.
As to who I give higher credence, it would be Eric.
Give it up.
No, no-one has that right to tell some to give it up, if they’re not breaking any forum posting rules, what are you, a forum cop??

Can you just drop down the level of sarcasm and argumentativeness a couple of notches?
" I would if it wasn’t warranted, and usually do "

Just like you tried to tell me to do!

Just tell them/yourself not to read it, instead of beating them with your stick