What Class D amps will drive a 2 ohm load

Just asking.

I see specs into 4 ohms but nothing into difficult speaker loads (like Thiel CS5's).

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@gdnrbob - I was commenting on a question made by noble100

I also don't believe there's any validity to golfnutz claim that Erik has criticized Pass Labs or Spectral amps.

Anyway, I didn't answer Erik previously about this because sure enough it would turn into a pissing match, and you didn't wait too long to make that happen. I've made my point, so yes, I'll give it up as you wish.

TBC: I’ve never claimed I have not said I prefer one amp /speaker/whatever over another.

Nothing wrong with having a personal preference, and expressing it when asked and appropriate. I mean, my god, if we didn’t have preferences, this entire web site would be 1 message long!!

My quote, above:

Wow, huge difference in my dislike for particular brands, and being on a crusade.

I’ve never disrespected anyone for liking Pass. I’ve never told them they were wrong.

And that is why I don’t see @golfnutz claims of my alleged hypocrisy valid.

The issue is not whether or not an A’goner likes a particular technology, it’s whether they respect the wishes of the OP or those who disagree with them.

So you seem to have quoted me, though I have not checked to be sure, lets go over the last two:

Spectral is a line I wanted to be impressed with, like Pass, and I just haven’t. They do not bring me joy.

On the opposite end of the spectrum is Pass. A sound I really don’t like.

First, @Golfnutz, I have to thank you. I’m pretty sure no one on earth has been paying attention to anything I write more than you, so as my biggest fan, I’m flattered.

Those comments and comments like them are fine.

Please point to a place where some one says "I love x" and I say they are wrong.

In fact, I make it clear, often but not perfectly, that I’m expressing my personal tastes, while not demeaning others for having different tastes. When George turns around and starts talking specific modern models, and characteristics he’s herard, instead of random statistics which may or may not have any correlation to a listening experience we’ll all be happy.

Also, while we are at it, can you please point us to the original threads? I'd love to show that my statements were in context, and contributing to a discussion.



Sorry Erik, I won't be engaging in any more of this discussion. You can find the quotes yourself if you need to see them.

I’ve kind of been looking at your threads. I’m going to give you advice I’m sure you won’t take.

I guess you're the only person that's allowed to look at other members threads/posts.

Sorry Erik, I won’t be engaging in any more of this discussion.

Whew, there’s a load off! But it is a real shame because I can't imagine anyone on earth as interested in digging through my old posts like you have. I'll miss the closeness.

I guess you’re the only person that’s allowed to look at other members threads/posts.

Something I’ve never ever intimated. Hahahahha.

And for the record, Golf’s last quote was from a thread about DSP crossovers where I strongly suggested the OP stop reading and start doing to build a level of personal experience he won’t get from mere reading, but as predicted, the OP just started 3 more threads about DSP crossovers.


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