What classic rock subjects interest you most?

I'm an audio and music enthusiast who has a music blog (http://classicrockmusicblog.com) that is in the final stages of redesign after being dormant for most of the summer. I know my fellow Audiogoners are some of the most knowledgeable music fanatics, and I would welcome any suggestions about how to make the site better. Thanks.
Nice looking site!

LAtely, I've been very interested in the progression of rock music from it's early origins to what it became during and post-Beatles. I'm also interested in getting more up to date on what's going on these days that relates to thisand where things are or are not heading.

Also, interested in reading others thoughts on lesser known classic rock artists.

I saw a reference to ANthony Phillips Private Parts and Pieces for example on your site. How many people know anything about that?
Cool site. I’m a huge Thin Lizzy and Badfinger fan. It was nice to see mentions of Lizzy and Brian Downey on your main page. Very underrated and hugely influential band. How about a piece on Badfinger? They were one of the early pioneers of what later became known as power pop. Just a supremely talented bunch of musicians who were crucified by bad management and bad luck. But they left behind a catalog rich in great songs just waiting for rediscovery and reassessment. I think it would make a great article.
Thanks, you have just brought loads on nostalgic memories from my teen youth and the pub in Norf London that used to play all metal music, Crap man, Saxon, Angel Witch etc, back in the day, lol.............
Playing in a metal band in the UK in that era (a very long long time ago), ahh, memories of the daily struggles of carrying/lugging that blessed old heavy Fender Rhodes 88 keyboard around, my mates used to call it the 'coffin' and were never to keen on giving me a helping (willing) hand to shift it, unless the threat of a pint (or three) of beer/lager was the reward.
Just checked on youtube for one my fav albums from the past by Bernie Marsden, 'and about time to', the track 'head the ball', class!
Ps-I do not listen to much (if any) classic metal/rock bands of the past decades,with the exception of a very few, and all of my old and aged rock/metal albums are back in the UK, safely tucked up asleep (coma more like).