What companies have gone above and beyond?

I have had a few products back to the manufacturer for different reasons. Some companies have been fantastic to deal with while others have been a disappointment. Sota was so good I couldn't believe it. Aragon was almost as good. What companies have you dealt with that provided exceptional service?
Innersound - Roger Sanders customer service is something that all electronics manufactureres should aspire to!
Jeff Rowland has really been great with questions, repair, etc. in my experience. I have called and had discussions with Jeff and then hung up the phone and thought" Duh, that was Jeff Rowland"! Sometimes i can be such a blond.
I dont know if its been mentioned yet but AXIOM audio takes my vote. i havent bought any of their speakers yet although i plan on it and i have asked for a few things and they were very helpfull and a real pleasure to deal with. Buying things from people like them is always a pleasure.
Quad...one of my grills became damaged...and they sent me a replacement free of charge...