What companies, out of Business, did you LOVE???

I had just sold my Proceed PAV/PDSD combo, with a trio of Jeff Rowland Model 7s, and EAD Theatermaster. While I was waiting for my new system (Cal Audio CL-2500 pack) to arrive, I realized I needed some tunes and went to the yard to see what was 'laying' around. What I found was not only fun, but the idea to begin this thread. Personally, I am interested in this question from a Home Theater standpoint, but welcome 2 channel responses as well.

What is the BEST systems or pieces you have heard from companies that are no longer in business!!

I went to the garage, and pulled up a Golden Theater GTX-1 I had purchased a few years back. Solo Electronics went under about a year into these units. They received rave reviews from the magazines, but they just didn't hang around for a curtain call. I then pulled out an older 5 channel amp and here is what I gathered!

The DTS/DD Golden Theater GTX-1, which is STUNNINGLY good in 2 channel (what everyone loved about this unit!) was the start, and I paired it with a Chiro 5 channel C-500 amp.
I thought, hey, this company is also out of business too!!!
This amp was also favorably reviewed and when I put this system together, I realized how good they both were, specifically in 2 channel!! These companies both had GREAT products and when matched together, WOW! Obviously this set didn't chase the Proceed/Rowland gear out of my house, but you know, it did give it a run for its money!! Here is my thoughts on the BEST OutOfBusiness Home Theater!!

Golden Theater GTX-1 (DTS, DD)
Chiro C-500 (140 x 5, THX (for whatever that is worth)
Hales Concept 5 (owned these 250 lbs monsters some time ago) and for a center channel
the Hales Rev 1!!

This system would be stellar for music and if for music, it would kick butt for Home Theater!! The Hales are fabulous speakers, require substantial power (like the Aerials I run now) but if fed properly, even the mother of 'The Fridge' would be proud!

Put your best OutOfBusiness (OOB) companies down!!!


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